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What Will Happen at the Assessment?

Plan on approximately 2 hours with us for your substance use assessment.

It will support our time together if you download the forms on the web page under the FORMS tab. If possible, please bring the completed forms to your assessment.

  • Brief Health History
  • Client Information Fact Sheet
  • Signed Release of Information for Your Emergency Contact and the person who referred you to KCA.

At your substance use assessment we will do an Investigative Interview — your complete biopsychosocial assessment. This is an opportunity for you to share with your assessor a brief life history where we will discuss:

  • Your life experiences, both positive and negative
  • Why you are asking for a substance use assessment
  • The mood altering substances you have used
  • Your physical health
  • Your emotional health, and difficult experiences in your life
  • Life changes you have experienced, and where you want your life to go now
  • Any other times you have had concerns about substance uses
  • Your living environment

You will be asked to sign Releases of Information for Collateral Contacts. To complete an assessment we must collect collateral information from more than one person. We are prohibited by law from talking about you and your substance use without your signed consent—a release of information. We are also required to talk to others/collateral contacts to gather more information about you. Of the various people in your life, we may ask you to sign releases for: significant other, parent, guardian, children, friends, employer, person who referred you for the assessment. Who we ask you to sign a release to talk to is dependent on your circumstances for the assessment. (Please bring your address book with phone numbers and address.)

Most people are nervous about having an assessment. Please understand that there are NO right or wrong answers to the questions we will discuss—just come and tell the truth. Our assessors have integrity and are compassionate. We have empathy for challenging situations.

All of our assessors are Mandated Reporters if we hear about:

  • Abuse of a minor child or vulnerable adult by someone responsible for their care
  • Intent to harm another person
  • Sexual exploitation by a healthcare professional
  • Suicidal ideation/contemplation
  • Substance use by a pregnant woman

After the full interview and talking to your collateral contacts, then our responsibility is to make an appropriate recommendations for a suitable action plan to address the reason you came in for an assessment. All recommendations are based only on your specific situation and needs. With a recommendation, we will be your advocate to support you in recognizing your choices in addressing the current situation.

Contact KCA today and take the first step toward seeing your choices in life!

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