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For Parents of Adolescents

Guide for Adults Concerned About Adolescents’ Behavior

The Answers to Questions Frequently Asked by Adults Concerned About Adolescents’ Behavior is a guide that was created by Kate Cavett to serve as a resource for adults, parents, guardians, teachers, counselors, youth workers, youth ministers, law enforcement, and anyone who loves and has a relationship with adolescents and sometimes struggles with their challenging behaviors.

Kate Cavett originally developed this Guide for Saint Paul Police Juvenile Unit, then the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office. The Guide responds to some questions specific to Ramsey County residents, and is based on Minnesota law so is appropriate to all Minnesota residents. Substance use questions are appropriate for every adult concerned about youth.

This publication was developed to provide general information to support all adults who care for adolescents and is not intended to serve as a complete answer to every situation. Specific situations should be addressed by your child's school substance use specialist, treatment program staff, healthcare provider, therapist, or school liaison officer. This Guide is posted as a public service.


Abstinence Contract to Support a Youth’s Sobriety


Parenting, Family Relationships

Recovery Support Groups


Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Al-Anon For family and Friends

Health Realization — inRecovery Groups

Other Resources


MADD — Mothers Against Drug Drivng's VICTIM IMPACT PANEL Schedule

DWI Solutions

Specialized service focuses on what you need to maintain or regain your driver's license after an impaired driving charge (DWI/DUI).

Resources for Healing

The Healing Wheel

This Healing Wheel was created by Kate Cavett in response to the Domestic Violence Power and Control Wheel. Cavett recognizes that the Domestic Violence Power and Control Wheel is gender specific, and The Healing Wheel was created to be empowering for both males and females moving beyond experiences of violence, whether it be domestic, sexual, emotional or societal as experience in racism and heterosexism.